rHSA:recombinant human serum albumin

rHSA is a 10% or 20% solution without any animal or human derived ingredients involved in its manufacture. This eliminates concerns about the possible contamination of adventitious agents of animal or human origin, such as viruses or other infectious agents. So rHSA is ideally suited for media development, optimization or supplementation and is a perfect substitute for human serum albumin in circumstances where animal-free conditions are required.

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Advantages of rHSA:


  • Animal-component-Free
  • Free from viral/prion contamination concerns
  • Higher purity and greater homogeneity
  • LOT-to-LOT consistency
  • Secure, reliable supply
  • Lower endotoxin levels
  • Absence of plasma-derived impurities


Recombinant human serum albumin has been successfully approved or evaluated in a wide range of customer-driven applications such as:

  • Medium component for cell culture, cryopreservation and stemcell expansion
  • Drug delivery formulation, to transport therapeutic peptides and proteins
  • Intermediate buffer optimization
  • Protein, peptide, or vaccine formulation
  • Peptide conjugation for half-life extension
  • Nanoparticle delivery of small-molecule drugs
  • Medical device coating
  • Albumin gel formation for products such as wound sealants
  • IVF media
  • Stem cell media
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Incompliance to the specifications of USP

Assay Specification
Protein content 190 ~ 220 g/L (20%),  95~110 g/L (10%)
Octanoate 0.140~0.180mmol/g protein
Sodium 120 ~160 mol/L
Purity ≥ 99%
pH 6.4 ~ 7.4
Identity Profile comparable to standard
Endotoxin < 0.0083 EU/mg
Sterility Passes
Appearance Clear, slightly yellow/amber solution
Species Animal-free
Storage Shipping and storage at 2~8 °C
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We have been devoted to the research and development of recombinant HSA since 1997. We have established a high expression level system for rHSA in Yeast. The purification patent of rHSA was granted in 13 countries. Structure equivalence between rHSA and HSA has been demonstrated.